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Summon Night : Swordcraft Story

by brenden96 Thu Jul 29, 2010 10:38 am

Personally I love these series of SNSS!
If you wanna look and see if my opinion is Correct, get an emulator and Dl the games =)

SNSS 1 :

SNSS 2 :

SNSS Hajimari no Ishi (Seen as SNSS 3):

Best emulator to try?

Why I love these games? The battle system, ofcourse...And the story of the First one.
The second was kinda annoying to do and the boss was slightly OP...(Cough)
The Thirth? Well IDK, do I speak japanese? I didn't understand a crap, I DID finish it, though =D

I advice, If anyone's gonna care and try it, to play the first
About the first, I'll make a small text or whatever you call it.
SNSS features a splendid fantasy story, placed around the Mid-ages where some of the children wish to make weapons, the ones making weapons are called the Craftknights.
It is the dream of every Craftknight, to become a Craftlord. Known for their amazing weapons and talent, they also have a word or two to speak in politics and keeping the city where they live in order, which is Wystern, the city of swords. Thus, you start the story as a Craftknight, joining the tournament to become a Craftlord, inbetween alot of stuff happens, ofcourse.
Stuff that makes it fun : Meeting new characters, getting a rival or two, and so on.
At the start, the leader of the Silver guild (A guild of craftknights), named Bron offers you a guardian beast after the tournament ceremony is over. A guardian beast is a Summon creature (Monsters and creatures from other worlds). Unlike Stray Summons (Those who lost their masters and wander on earth in Wystern's Labrynth ((The place where you'll go for materials for weapons)) ), Guardian beasts are Bound to their masters. Following a series of questions from a Summoner, the one who'll summon your GB, you get one. Depending on how you answer the questions, the GBs differ up to 4 different ones. Each represents it's element : Fire, Wind, Water, and Lightning. Here's the Chart showing what question gives which Guardian beast.
Rasho's the fire one, Kutty is wind, Zantek is lightning and ofcourse Sugar is the water type.

Now that you know what SNSS is all about, I won't tell more unless if people want me to.

Questions about the game? Do ask me, since I finished the first atleast 10 times, the second 3 times and the 3th over 20. I can answer Any of your questions so feel free to ask! That was all.
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