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Daniel Sun
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Yoga for Men and a New Studio

by Daniel Sun Mon Aug 18, 2014 9:56 am

New Stuff!
Everybody loves new shiny things, and I have some new shiny news for you!
There’s a few exciting things coming up, all coming from the NEW STUDIO! Here are a couple of pics for you of my new Office… me and Alex being totally rad units. My body surprises me. For the amount of caffeine and fried food I consume, I'm still pretty limber. Be inspired… you know… if you’re impressed.
Now that we are all settled in our new Studio, it’s time to give you another update.

Armed with Wings News!
I’ve been working sporadically on re-skinning and improving Armed with Wings 1. This will be released within the next few months with the possibility of a collection to follow, but no promises. I want to give you the BIG ONE!
Armed with Wings work has begun. I’m busy putting together concepts and story arcs; I’m so excited, and cannot wait to share it all with you. It’s going to be a longggggggg 1.5 – 2 years working on this, but HOLY SH1T BALLS, it’s about time!!
Here’s where I ask you for a favour….

Patreon Campaign!
Coming very soon will be a Daniel Sun (Hey! That’s me!) Patreon Profile. My assistant, Ally, is working on putting this together for me, and we are hoping to have it live for you by the end of the month.
How Patreon works:
Basically, unlike Kick Starter which makes you feel like you need to contribute large amounts all at once to make a difference, Patreon allows you to become a Patron, contributing as little as just $1 a month. Easy peasy, and of course you can donate more if you like! In return for your amazing, well-appreciated contribution, you can receive things like personalized artwork, comics, portraits or prizes that me and my super-duper team will put together for you.

Have you met Possum?
She’ll be making some more appearances in the up and coming months, cos you know… she’s cool like that. .. and I think Jamie kind of likes her.

New Website!
You may or may not have noticed, this site is now a little old, and as we are ALL ABOUT NEW at the moment, the website will also be being re-vamped, shouldn’t be any down time though during the changeover, so keep commenting, keep getting involved and keep being inspired! Oh and hey, send me some of your artwork; I always love getting your art in my inbox….
Send me your artwork and I’ll feature it on my new site when it’s launched.

Until next time,

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Black Mist
Black Mist
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Re: Yoga for Men and a New Studio

by Omar Fri Aug 22, 2014 6:34 am

After all these years.
I am still a veteran member here.
I visit the site 1 time a week.

You've pretty much let the community on here die Mr. SUN
It's a good thing that you're still working on Armed with wings with more people.
I cannot wait for the Armed With Wings reboot.

To be honest. I am looking forward for the story, since I have become a writer myself. I am being tutored by a story author (which is a teacher of mine) on how to property write a story by explaining backgrounds, characters, and the whole plot.

I hope you take Culmination's combat system to the next level.
I like to point out that Armed with Wings will now need to be very unique in terms of gameplay mechanics. I've seen some games use a mascot to help the player solve puzzles, the same mechanic the eagle has. Of course Action-Platformers still have a really lot of potential. And I hope you find that potential and momentum.

Best wishes

Re: Yoga for Men and a New Studio

by gaboloth Sat Aug 23, 2014 10:50 am

after all these years, I still couldn't be more excited about a new Armed with Wings game!
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