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Levels 1 & 2 Continuity Issues

by Blackout Wed Sep 23, 2015 6:54 pm

We all (at least the long-times fans) know that the story goes that Lone Warrior is resurrected after his defeat and is given new strength, powers, and abilities and is bestowed with the title of Armed with Wings. However, there is one aspect of Levels 1 & 2 that seem to contradict this, and that is that LW gains no new powers abilities, or strength after he is resurrected(referring to his entrance back into the material world after Blackmist is allowed to use him as a host, not his (presumably) spiritual incarnation we play as during levels 1 & 2). In the original, this element of LW and his story was conveyed with much more clarity and consistency. Of course, the player never had the chance to experience LW's power before he became Armed with Wings in the original, leaving nothing to compare his former power with his new.

Another problem continuity-wise is that not only are the two "training" enemies spawning near the middle of level two are Vandheer's guards, but also that that fact alone further conveys that Lone Warrior had not received any divine strength or power from since before he was bestowed the power of Armed with Wings as evident by the fact that Lone Warrior had no more, if not, less difficulty disposing of the "spirit" guards.

Since this is intended to fall under the category of discussion more than anything else, I'll leave this post at that. I might post a corresponding suggestion thread on how I believe all this should be resolved if there is little or no discussion below that produces an adequate solution.

Also, I want to know if anyone had noticed this and challenged their take on the officially story in the same way it has to me. Hopefully Dan will weigh in with his plans to alter or revise the current story of both the series and Rearmed, as I know he has stated numerous times that he plans to rewrite some of the lore and also that Rearmed's story is not yet finalized.
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