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2016 Recap - Happy New Year!!

by Daniel Sun Tue Jan 03, 2017 4:32 pm

Happy new year from Sun-Studios! The fireworks are over, the dust has settled. I hope everyone had a fantastic end of year. My break was filled with joyful moments in the sun. Fitting, Sun-Studios needs to recharge for a new year. 2017 is real and I’m excited - ahead is a great future for Armed with Wings. But let us not forget 2016 and all of the many accomplishments.

2016 Highlights

Avcon 2016
Armed with Wings Rearmed was stylishly exhibited at Avcon 2016 in Adelaide. Bits of cloth, a table and a couple of milk-crates go a long way. I even brought my own pullup banner!
Anime and Cosplay conventions go hand in hand with videogames, but even more so with Armed with Wings. Event attendees REALLY enjoyed Rearmed, the characters and the overall vibe. Armed with Wings always emphasises characters more than mechanics - people loved both characters The Lone Warrior and Vandheer Lorde.


Although Blockpocalypse isn’t a Sun-Studios game, I’ve spent a lot of time on this project as a director at Dime Studios. It’s been an incredible experience to work on this game - it’s incredibly fun to to play with your buddies. Sun-Studios may have only published 1 title to steam, but I now personally have 2 games on steam - which makes me feel active as a developer!
Checkout the Blockpocalypse Store Page.


PAX Aus 2016
Multiplayer was heavily exhibited at PAX 2017… what a success it was! With 3 machines I was able to have 6 people play the game at once! Attendees had a blast going head to head in VS battles with their friends. Most interestingly, It was astonishing just how many people I met who had played the old flash games. Thank you to all those people!


Rearmed Trials
October marked the release of Rearmed Trials, the Survival mode demo that is more than just a demo! It debuted on Newgrounds with a HUGE banner ad that remained for 2 weeks! In 2016 Rearmed Trials was played over 300,000 times across many flash portals.


2016 Early Access Development
Here are just some new features added to Rearmed in 2016, in no particular order:

Playable Vandheer Lorde. New Menu system. New HUD. VS Multiplayer. More Castle Levels. More Cave Levels. New Survival Maps. Wind. Final Boss Battle. Revival Booster. New Weapon system. Blocking is breakable. New Eagle animation. Can dodge cancel from Power Strike. Fire Ball booster. Multiplayer Dubstep music.

Armed with Wings Rearmed in 2017

The game is still being developed, but I am VERY close reaching a point where I can be proud and confident to hit the full release button. I want nothing more than to ship this game - it's so close!
Achievements is still in the oven, some quality injection is required in 2 or 3 places, and an overall layer of polish would be nice. All this I’ll try to achieve by February.

Final words: the next update is going be HUGE.


Happy 2017 everyone. Let’s launch Armed with Wings Rearmed already.
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Re: 2016 Recap - Happy New Year!!

by 3lijahG Fri Dec 29, 2017 9:40 pm

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