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Some Known Issues

by Daniel Sun Fri Aug 19, 2016 1:25 am

So it looks like there are a couple of bugs that I would like players to be aware of, as I wasn't able to fix them as quickly as I liked.
Thank you for the helpful posts, feedback and bug reports! It's very helpful, sorry that more bugs keep popping up!!

I'll have an update this weekend that will solve the issues, but until then:

- Level 17 sometimes will not load. This happens when going from level 16 > level 17. Level 17 will work if you access it directly from the Level Select.

- Level 9 and Level 26, both are Survival levels. Sometimes, enemies don't spawn, which leaves you stuck without any way to progress. Try restarting the level, or access it directly from the Level select.

For now, those are the issues. Expect the fix soon :) Thank you for your understanding.
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