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Build 0.8.16 LEVELS!!

by Daniel Sun Mon Aug 15, 2016 3:09 pm

Rearmed now has a grand total of 40 LEVELS!!

Fact, Rearmed launched into Early Access with 20 levels.

0.8.16 brings 8 new levels into the mix - Castle, Cave, Survival levels, jumping levels...

Here's the breakdown:

    Features & Updates
  • x8 New levels
  • Level 9
  • Level 16
  • Level 17
  • Level 25
  • Level 26
  • Level 34
  • Level 37
  • Level 38

    Fixes & balancing
  • 1st Boss New Attack
  • 1st Boss AntiFlinch during attack spin
  • Pausing refreshes Booster Cooldown bug
  • Surivival boss spawning bug
  • Enemy Collision bugs
  • Booster Sets not saving
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Eagle Nebula
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Re: Build 0.8.16 LEVELS!!

by Blackout Tue Aug 16, 2016 4:22 pm

I'll leave the juicy review to hopefully VandheerLorde(sorry to put the pressure on you, bro ;) ), but there's one thing that I think really needs talking about, and that is Levels 9 & 26. I have two main problems with them:

1) (Mostly Level 9), WAY too difficult for so early on. I didn't play it on normal difficulty, but on Futile it is exponentially more challenging than any level close to it

2) Absolutely totally PUNISHING. Not only must you wait for the game to re-spawn you, but it will re-spawn you all the way back at the start. When you lose all three lives, it is even more incredibly frustrating having to go through the dialog just to get back to the level.

I'm actually a bit grateful for how terribly annoying these levels are/can be, because they typify the necessity of completely doing away with the lives system, as well as exemplify what I meant by this.

Ok, that's my little rant for the day. Hope you seriously consider all things said, Dan :D .
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