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Build 0.8.15 Refinment

by Daniel Sun Sat Jul 23, 2016 1:55 pm

The last update introduced a brand new weapon system. Tons of code was rewritten to accommodate the new feature. Sadly, a few issues slipped through my fingers.

0.8.15 is a much more refined build. Far fewer bugs, more unlocks, better weapons and overall performance enhancements.

  • Final Battle Bugs
  • Final Battle Balancing
  • Weapon adjustments
  • More Weapons in Unlock Que
  • Floaty Booster downgrade
  • Dash/Event Trigger bugs
  • Unlock All from Settings
  • Weapon Stat display fix
  • Vandheer Revival bug
  • Double Ability Booster bug
  • Various bugs and fixes

Update and have fun!
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