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Build 0.8.12 Teleporting and boosters

by Daniel Sun Wed Jun 08, 2016 2:06 pm

I've done some good work on the boosters this week! There is a new cooldown system that applies to the Ability Boosters. Ability Boosters and boosters which you trigger with [Space] or [X].

The Teleport Booster is now hugely more impressive. Teleport in any direction! Imagine the combos...


Here's the change log:

    Features & Updates
  • New Booster Cooldown system
  • Floaty Booster
  • Revamped Teleport Booster

    Fixes & Balancing
  • Dodge movement refined
  • Power Bar bug fix
  • Ability Boosters look different
  • Can't equip the same booster x2
  • Icespike Doublehit bug
  • Music restart bug

Enjoy friends!
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