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Infinite Wall Climbing

by MadSephiroth Tue Feb 07, 2017 10:24 pm

I'm not sure if this has already been reported, but as soon as I got my first weapon with the jump booster I immediately broke the game (at least, I assume this was unintended because it allowed me to get to areas I wasn't supposed to get to yet)
When holding the arrow keys towards a wall, alternating "Q" and "D" will allow you to climb the wall. Hit "Q" for the jump off the wall, then hitting "D" to fling yourself back towards the wall, then repeat.
Here, you can see the fading jump marker of my wall jump with "Q" as I jump towards the wall again.
Here, I'm at the top of the wall to the immediate left of the start of level 20 without low gravity or anything like that.

Using a bit of infinite wall climbing, I managed to get out of bounds on the invisible wall in the survival arena. I'm not seen in the picture because I'm too far up, but the very top of the pillars in the arena can be seen. From that point, I can stand on an invisible ledge, where I can walk off the edge of the map.

I'm sorry if this wasn't a bug, or had already been found, but I thought I'd post to see it removed if it truly was a bug.
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