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Why Rearmed Does Not FEEL Like AwW 1

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2016 6:24 pm
by Blackout
Every now and then it is time for me to post a seven page ramble about some aspect of Armed with Wings I have an issue with. Luckily for all of us, now is not such a time, so I’ll just cut to the chase: the number one reason why Rearmed does not feel like AwW 1 nearly as much as it could is simply because of the camera.

Shortly after I first got my hands on Rearmed, I expressed that very same concern on this forum, specifically Rearmed feeling more like Culmination than any other game. However, at the time I wasn’t able to articulate why Rearmed felt so different from AwW 1 besides maybe the obvious changes and enhancements, so I just let the issue go. It wasn’t until just yesterday when I had been watching my speedthrough of the first game that I asked myself why did a certain level in Rearmed not feel like the same level it was based off in AwW 1? Then it suddenly hit me: it’s all the camera. No wonder Rearmed feels like Culmination: Rearmed’s camera mechanics are almost a direct copy of the former.

The solution to this “problem” (at least that is how I describe it) is simply to take the camera from the original game, modify it slightly for Rearmed, and add a toggle in the menu between Normal and Classic. A change like this would preserve the impression of familiarity one-million times more effectively than something like keeping LW’s jump restricted. I’m not saying by any means that Rearmed’s camera is poorly designed or bad. In fact, it’s probably better that newcomers to the series being introduced by Rearmed use the current camera. It’s just us old people who’ve been apart of the AwW ride since grade and middle school (and beyond) are sensible to the feel of the first game(s) and the way the camera operates is a huge part of that familiarity.

I have no idea how easy or difficult this might be to implement, but regardless, I’m hoping other veterans of the series will give their input on this idea as well. This has actually become pretty important me and I’m hoping this suggestion in the very least goes under serious consideration.

Re: Why Rearmed Does Not FEEL Like AwW 1

Posted: Tue Feb 02, 2016 6:46 pm
by Blackout
Reply to a quote from another thread pertaining to this one:
Daniel Sun wrote:I did read your post on the Camera movement and have actually made an adjustment there too. The camera is more snappy now, but still eases into position only now far less aggressive by a factor of half.

I really hate feeling like I'm pushing you to do things I personally want, so I almost feel as bad as I am thankful that you have read and plan to re-read my junk, especially since you're often so busy.

I did want to point out, though, concerning the camera that I was trying(perhaps ineffectively) to suggest a change to the cameras general zooming and the specific instances of it. Not sure if I have it the correct way around, but it seems to me like AwW1's camera is more zoomed in in its general position than it's counterpart in Rearmed(which seems to copy Culmination's zoom calibration). This is primarily what I was talking about, as the general camera zoom has a huge impact on the feel and potential(in Rearmed) familiarity of a game. Similarity to specific instances and points in both games would be very nice as well, but, once again, I'm talking about just how zoomed in the camera is in standard position.