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The birth of darkness.

Posted: Thu Sep 11, 2014 5:19 am
by Omar
There's not a lot of stories/stuff on this new writing topic. So why not post something of mine?
Enjoy and leave feedback :D

It was once said that a group of people opened the gateway of a different realm.

To open such realm. a ritual must be done to link these worlds.
These Persons decided to negotiate with one of the beings of the realm and they create the portal inside an abandoned hut.
Once the ritual was done, the portal of the realm is open. To enter the realm, the individual must cross boarders meaning that, the individual(s) must cross the boarder safely and without getting killed by the creatures of the realm.
The persons who created the portal for these two worlds failed to cross the realm boarder. They are betrayed by the individual they've dealt with in the beginning.

An Human-Like Individual had desires to cross to the human realm and destroy it.
Despite the individual's attempt to destroy the human world. A priest discovers about this Human-like creature and does a counter-ritual to seal this being. However, the priest acknowledged that the seal would be broken eventually by the followers of this creature.

To not let that happen in the near future, the priest decides to sacrifice himself in order to shatter the Individual's soul. The dark individual and the priest's soul was fused into one huge energy mass and then torn into fragments.

The Dark individual has been destroyed. but not banished forever, meaning that a possible reincarnation is imminent.
the priest followers found out that three new lifeforms appeared. Representing the seal's success.
however fear of a new up-rise from the evil being. The follower's tried to kill these small innocent beings, despite all their efforts they couldn't do such thing as killing an innocent being as they were harmless babies. But the followers feared of their hero's success would be a failure.
The followers decided to throw the baby into the home of the dark individual hoping that the small one would never find out about his true origin.

only two babies remained. They needed these two far away from the portal.
So a couple of them decided to leave the two babies in the middle of nowhere, hoping that someone from the highway would take them, far, far away.

The followers named these two babies.
Referencing that they are DEMONS of the two worlds.

Re: The birth of darkness.

Posted: Thu Sep 11, 2014 6:45 am
by Daniel Sun
Rather dark indeed, hence the name :) very interesting story. This is based on your game yes?

Re: The birth of darkness.

Posted: Thu Sep 11, 2014 9:14 pm
by Omar
That's right!
But this is like the introduction of the whole game.
It's something I wrote to put later in game.

The Main game story is based on these two siblings who cannot seem to blend in with their small society, as they are treated as different people. To not fall on the cliché of that they are different from the physical appearance, they are different for simply being twin siblings abandoned by their parents and not having any luck finding any foster parents.

Now I went in to research some mythology and found some interesting stuff on the net.
First of all the name Daemon means 'Demon' and a demon is Half of something.
Daemon is Half-human and half God. (Won't spoil some stuff atm)
Sedna is a female with almost the same description.

Also the Dark Realm is a wasteland (which was based off your Armed with Wings game settings)

I hope you enjoyed some extra details and thanks I'll keep writing until I become a strong story-writer.

Re: The birth of darkness.

Posted: Fri Sep 12, 2014 1:14 am
by Daniel Sun
Keep writing indeed. It's very intriguing :)