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CyberDrive Controller Input edition.

by Omar Sun Jun 10, 2012 6:42 am

well here's the secret from some weeks i been thinking to have a better game experience with a USB controller like my PS3 controller.
so my development came up for the search for using this, i tried looking for a script for this but no luck. i found a debugger that helps me use the PS3 controller-
with my keys. and the PS3 buttons will react to them, you add the key and what button will it be.

here's a screenshot of what i mean.

this is an optional experience and playing with your controller seems fun, it looks like your playing on the console.

The good news is

that you can have Xbox 360, PS3 or other USB controllers.
you can customize them as you want.

the bad news is

that we need to edit the Inputs to the controller icons
the user will have to Install the debugger which is will remain a secret for now. a tutorial will be introduced in the ¨CyberDrive Control Input edition¨

Note: the debugger is bug-free.
Note 2: the controls are clunky and they are in strict editing i will have 2 pre-sets control schemes that the user can choose and where they feel good with the controls, if the player doesn't like the controls they can edit them with the debugger.
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