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Mirror's edge 2?

by Omar Wed Nov 09, 2011 3:28 pm

I heard rumors that a new medal of honor is coming next year and DICE is probably working on the Multiplayer again. but DICE isn't a 60 employee industry. it's a 280 employee industry, which is actually a very big team.
and probably 30 or 50 will work on the new medal of honor. but what about the rest? i ask myself well their be a new Battlefield? i don't think so because a battlefield games comes every 2 years (yes BFBC2 came in 2010 but it was release in March and BF3 was release in October of 2011 take the count from March 2010 to october 2011)

i say that DICE will have to give us an Annoucement of mirror's edge 2, maybe it won't have Multiplayer like last time but i'm pretty sure that EA or DICE will have to give us information, also when the Battlefield 3 released they´re are some similar levels. like Mirror's edge, you get a mirror's edge feeling in a level of battlefield 3.

also when DICE released a screenshot from their Frostbite 2 engine show it's realtime radiosity and this appeared ... iosity.jpg

don't you get that feeling? red bricks, stairs, the door, lighting. and mostly the Color red. this picture actually reminded me Mirror's edge.

could the squeal be true? who knows just have "Faith"
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