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Mo Meng
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by Mo Meng Thu Feb 24, 2011 5:28 am

Okay, so who else has heard of this game? It's an FPS by Bethesda and Splash Damage (if you care) and it looks awesome. The gameplay is a wonderful melange of Mirror's Edge, Team Fortress 2, and others. There are, in my eyes, three major epicness-es about this game: This first being S.M.A.R.T., a system they developed which stand for Smooth Movement Against Random Terrain. Basically, you use the SMART button to do wallruns, climb over things, and other Parkour awesomeness-es (hooray for -es-es). The second is that you can customize you character and weapon in great detail. While the character customization is more in-depth than most games around lately, it isn't better that Soul Calibur IV or Dragon Age: Origins. What's cooler, is the firearms. Loosely based on real-life weapons and attachments, you can basically take a gun - let's say a sort of UMP 45. - and put on a sniper scope, silencer made from a Coke can, spray some kind of crazy camo, and a drum magazine. Finally, you can integrate the SP and the MP. If you're playing a mission and you're bored of pwning AI enemies, you can choose to join a match where real people are playing the same SP mission. The bots will be replaced with real-life players (so to speak), and you are given a choice of objectives based on your team, character class, and position on the map.

Yep. Pretty awesome, no? Check it out here on IGN and here on its (admittedly scant) Wikia.

PS: Anything that has been underlined is a link. This post took me a half hour to make, so APPRECIATE IT! :evil: :oops: :mrgreen: Also, there is a hidden link... can you find it? :mrgreen:
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Vandheer Lorde II
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Re: Brink

by Vandheer Lorde II Thu Feb 24, 2011 12:31 pm

Fuck load of links lol

but yea, not as interested in this game after finding out you can't roll or hold akimbo guns
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Daniel Sun
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Re: Brink

by Daniel Sun Mon Feb 28, 2011 6:00 pm

Looks so cool! Wish there were less fps games coming out, I haven't got the time or money tonplaybthem all.
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