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Telltale's The Walking Dead

Posted: Sun Nov 30, 2014 11:01 pm
by Zyphon
So, I'm going to be pretty upfront here, I think that Telltale's The Walking Dead is the greatest story I've ever had the pleasure to experience.

This is an interactive series by Telltale Games, basically the masters of interactive stories, with such series as The Wolf Among Us, of course, The Walking Dead, and now, Tales from the Borderlands.

Telltale's The Walking Dead is a spinoff series for Robert Kirkman's award winning comic book series, The Walking Dead, following the survivors of an apocalyptic event, called the "Turn"(At least, in the comics and novels), infecting the entire human race with a virus that causes them come back after death as mindless, cannibalistic monsters known as walkers... or roamers, biters, geeks, lurkers, rotters, basically anything but zombies.

It follows several of these survivors, such as Lee Everett, Clementine, Kenny, and, in Season Two, Luke. The game is centered around interacting with other survivors, and making tough decisions. Your choices can affect the story, changing who lives or dies, or how other survivors treat you. While the story is largely the same(at least, until the end of Season 2), Telltale boasts creating a "tailored" experience.

The series is, if nothing else, the most emotional story ever. I'm not exaggerating, I've yet to find anyone who got through both seasons without crying, even a little.

Trailer for Season Two(no spoilers):

Trailer for most of the series(MASSIVE SPOILERS!!):

Re: Telltale's The Walking Dead

Posted: Wed Dec 10, 2014 3:26 pm
by Kalk
I didn't watch that Season 2 Finale you posted. Havne't gotten to the second season yet currently working on Dark Souls II and making progress but i will move on to that later. Thanks for the heads up it is all out. I can't actually download anything until i get another account with Play Station because I am in Europe at the moment...