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Dark Souls

Posted: Tue Nov 25, 2014 11:51 pm
by Kalk
Alright... So... Just finished up Heavy Rain and let me tell you. What a game. The first play through was incredible. What I really enjoyed about it is the multitude of endings and the difference of opinions of the characters when faced with the changing situations. I would say my favourite character is Ethan Mars... I can NOT get enough of the end of the game when the music is playing and he has the gun to the drug dealers head and he says "I'm a father too." BAM blows his brains out. Hands down, best scene of the game. I took my time, played it through three times, followed up all the endings and got the platinum

Ok, on the the real deal. I've played a lot of video games but GOD DAMN IT. THIS IS THE MOST INFURIATING, CONFUSING, ENRAGING GAME EVER IN EXISTENCE.

Start game: Character intro. Warrior class. Name: Miyamoto (see what I did there?)

Game starts: Few clues on the ground with how to do your attacks, jump, dodge, etc Good stuff. Fighting a massive boss that raped me first go. No problem, figured it out pretty easy. I wasn't too chuffed by that one just killed and moved on. No big deal Moving forward.

Get to the point right? Ok... raven takes you to first bonfire. Go up the stairs. Die. Ok.. not too easy. Back to bonfire... discover all enemies respawn after death. Die again. Shit.. right.. ok... play some more. Kill those guys, move up the stairs, get the hang of it. Come across three enemies at once. Die. Ok... just go collect body and gain souls. Die before you get there, lose all souls. Get frustrated. Go to new area. Die. Go back to new area with ghosts, die. Can't attack them. No explanation as to why. Can't understand items. Die. Walk to stairs, fall down by accident. Die.

Meet up with souls. Get to first guy with shield. Die. Move past shield guy. Die. Meet first boss. Die.... walk 15 minutes back to boss... die. 15 minutes die x10 kill boss. Miss lots of treasure that would help. Rage. Go online and type in to google: HOW TO PLAY DARK SOULS. Learn little. Die while reading. Talk to friend on phone and die while talking. Die while dying. Die after dying. Die during that. Make it to new area with gargoyle boss that multiplies and DIE TEN MORE FUCKING TIMES.

FUCK THIS GAME..... FUCK IT. (said like that greasy haired character in the library doing his grade 12 test in Shawshank Remption)

That being said... what a great game! Overly challenging, have the learn and adapt, do actual research and really give it a shot. I have the "Prepare to Die" edition and, I have to say, I am not disappointed. I died. A lot. I have met dozens of enemies I cannot even fathom how to kill and when I finally went online NEITHER CAN ANYONE ELSE THEY SAY SKIP THEM. How is this a game!? I don't know but it is actually pretty good in the fact that when you finally kill something it is insanely gratifying!

I am currently finding new areas all the time and hoping to find bosses that are remotely possible to kill but I have no idea what is and what isn't. It's certainly an experience... now I have to go read some walkthroughs since I just learned how to jump and can reach new areas....

Kalk out.

Then in.

Then out.

Re: Dark Souls

Posted: Thu Nov 27, 2014 10:40 pm
by Kalk
After spending many nail biting rage filled hours if you take the time to read the articles on the wiki pages, chat with some friendly people online these live chat sites and put the hours and time in it is a pretty damn cool game. Bosses and enemies are insane difficult but the reward for killing them and the self-satisfaction is INCREDIBLE.

8/10 so far for this one.

Re: Dark Souls

Posted: Sun Dec 21, 2014 12:06 am
by Kalk
Has no one here played Dark Soul 1 or 2? Man....

get on it people. This game is the most frustrating and insane game I have ever played. I am hooked. Other video games hold your hand, pat your head, tell you where to go and make things easy on you. Some games actually start handicapping the enemies to make it easier for you. That's ridiculous. This game throws you in to a MASSIVE and unique world with extremely difficult scenarios and says "good luck". The amount of accomplishment you feel from beating either game is insane. The help is minimal, the story is left largely to the imagination and the depth you feel for the characters is much higher because of the thought put in to it.

It's frustrating as hell but so rewarding to beat. I have searched for the following on youtube: Top 10 hardest games. Top 10 hardest bosses and Top 10 saddest video game moments and it is in all three. For top 10 hardest games only 1 game beat it.

Someone pick this up for PS3 and play with me god damn it.