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Into the Darkness

Posted: Thu Sep 11, 2014 5:51 am
by Omar
"Into the Darkness" is the first chapter of my upcoming game Repercussions. If Repercussions was to release entirely as a game the first chapter is called Into the Darkness.

I've been working on this small project for a couple of months now. trying to perfect the lighting and sound effects.
this so call lighting will be really Dynamic as you can see the darkness clearing up.Image

Let me tell you that horror games nowadays have jump-scares every corner, My partner Roody created a special system called R.O.S which means Random Occurrence system. Meaning that Jump-scares are still programmed but are not controlled by me. So you will have to be very careful on what you do, and where you are most of the time.

Now in most Horror games the atmosphere is always important.
With the R.O.S system in-place you are never safe and you can die any time the game wants to.

Now i don't really aim for a mindless walk in the park style game.
As a writer and designer, with this being the first chapter of the game. I added fractions of the story-line and or stuff like myths. I added a myth here look at this!

I got interested in human psychology and decided to look into it extensively. Roody told me that people are scared of not knowing what's going to happen.
So I took some time researching on psychological horror games like Silent Hill. Of course the first two games are frightening, especially the newest Silent Hill game which is called P.T.
Since last year, I've been trying to replicate psychological scares but they were not successful since a lot of bugs appeared from doing so. Also I did not know much about psychology in horror games.

Now a more scarier approach was taken due to Roody' s Random Occurrence System.
I can say that the game is crafted with a lot of screw you over moments that will make you stop playing.
Too make it up I added a footstep system so you can hear enemies coming closer to you. Into the Darkness is being worked on.
I barely know what will happen here since the game can throw anything at me. With the R.O.S system in place i could easily pass through a hallway without having a scare, but that's my experience. Your experience will be much different however.

I'm still in the development stage of this first so called chapter. I'm taking it slow and easy, thinking what to do next.
Almost every object in the game is interactive. So you better be careful on what you do or else you may end up dying.
It's a lot of events.

I recently took the liberty to research creepy stuff such as rituals.
and boy i think i took it a little bit too far this time around.
I fear that people would rather quit playing the game then keep playing it.
Maybe some balance should be added just to make the user feel a bit safe.

I have so much to fix and polish, not to mention game test it.
What do you guys think? This will be my last game with this aging game engine.

Re: Into the Darkness

Posted: Thu Sep 11, 2014 6:22 am
by Daniel Sun
Wow dude looks amazing. I'd love to play it! Is there a beta access? I'd also like to know if you have a website or something. I'm going to write a blog about various projects that indie devs are working on - would like to include this game in it.

Re: Into the Darkness

Posted: Thu Sep 11, 2014 11:07 pm
by Omar
The project is doing really well.
I have a good amount of the game done, but not ready for to send it to some testers.
Bugs and incomplete code are still in-game, I will send it to you when the game is smooth and stable.
Please bear in mind that when I send it to you, bugs will appear and crashes may appear.
And some levels will have lack of detail at times.

However, I'm still working on CyberDrive with Rgangsta. It may take time to release this small game.