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Next Generation Consoles.

by Omar Tue Feb 12, 2013 10:42 pm

That's right, New consoles after 8 years of being in the seventh era we finally hear about Sony and Microsoft making their eight console for the new era since nintendo already presented the Wii U as a eight generation console.

since the consoles are 8 years old and they're like really an old PC with just new software updates, the hardware degrades each year.

to be honest, i'm not that hyped for the new consoles. i think that the seventh gen consoles are good for another 2 years. because i feel that Microsoft and Sony are rushing the technology of the consoles to the market. i smell nothing more then money.

but a change isn't bad. in fact i think that better hardware specs are good for console gamers.

but as for me. i have already re-converted into a PC gamer again. since i feel that Valve is going to offer better stuff on their own console called the piston. the piston will allow many stuff to the community. and i love steam at times so that's why i'm going to be a PC gamer again by buying new stuff such as ram,HDD,new graphics card etc...

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