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Is Blackmist Omnipotent?

by Blackout Wed Jan 20, 2016 2:05 pm

We all might just assume so because he is the creator(at least that’s the impression I was under), but if he is all powerful, that might raise a few questions. For example, if Blackmist is all powerful, why was his power capped when facing Network with Lone Warrior? Also, why couldn’t Blackmist just snap his fingers and Network would cease to exist before freeing Vandheer or even before encountering LW in the first place? Well, I have a simple theory to help answer those questions: Blackmist is not omnipotent.

I have quite a few more things to say about this notion to make more sense of it so I’ll try to make everything from here on as streamlined as possible. This is just a backstory I came up with as an example for how to make Blackmist’s un-omnipotence work:

“While Blackmist is the “creator” of the AwW world, he did not set everything into motion himself, but with the help of two other gods. Blackmist is the physical essence of the world and embodies righteousness. The second god is a different aspect of the world(or one of the people and/or the creatures of it) who embodies self-interest. The third god is also an aspect of the same sort(possibly life) and embodies something else(possibly order). The three agree to create a new world where humans should reign as their primary creation. Blackmist and the second god conflict the most with eachother when determining what the three want their creation to look like. Blackmist insisted that humans should be the company of the gods and work together with themselves whereas the second god proposed that humanity’s primarily purpose should be for the entertainment of the gods through their conflict and conquest among/with one another striving for dominance. The three then hammered out and agreed upon what that world would look like: Human beings would be given a free will to choose between righteousness and selfishness, possessing a natural inclination to fulfill theit personal desires while equipped with an internal moral compass pointing the person in the other direction. Additionally, the three agreed to forbid themselves to enter into or interfere with their creation so as to not begin any war between or among each other involving humanity to maintain the natural order of earth and its people.

Having witnessed the evil of Vandheer’s regime, Blackmist could no longer tolerate the injustice it had perpetrated and resolved to have the tyrant’s empire dismantled. Incapable of deposing of Vandheer himself at a whim(being only a co-creator of that world), Blackmist goes against his promise in the name of righteousness and justice and indwells his spirit within the resurrected Rebel Commander, the most worthy individual to hold the title of Armed with Wings. Blackmist, rather than killing Vandheer, traps him in a divine prison so as to appease his fellow deities once they confront Blackmist after learning about his meddling. However, before Blackmist has the chance to answer for his actions, all of his efforts were almost thwarted by Network. Unable to overcome his foe with the limitations of his host’s mortal body, Blackmist uses the opportunity of his separation from the Lone Warrior after his final clash with the devil to hide his person/power within the womb on Eivanna. Knowing Network will ultimately attempt to free Vandheer and together bring about a world of greater injustice, Blackmist determined he cannot simply leave the world to suffer again, as resolves to return once when the moment demanded it.

Once Network returned and had freed Vandheer, Blackmist had known he would be without excuse for this presumably final intervention, concluding that this time both fiends would be better completely destroyed than left with the chance of resurgence. Blackmist’s destroying of Network and Vandheer indefinitely(only possible through Leo who is only half as frail) became his greatest treason, now prompting his selfish divine counterpart to enter into the world himself and take matters into his own hands.”

Like I said, that is all just an example I came up with, so the theology is not super thought through. It is worth mentioning, though, that I do think that a less than omniscient Blackmist would allow him to be more of a character in the story rather than just a background element, something I know Dan has expressed that he wishes to make happen in the future.

So I guess this all begs two questions:
• Is Blackmist Omnipotent?
• If not, would multiple gods be a good and interesting way to expand the AwW universe?
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