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The Importance of This Forum

by Blackout Tue Dec 01, 2015 6:05 pm

Currently, the only active members on this forum are D-Sun, VandheerLorde, and myself with the occasional guest who makes a post or two in the wrong category. I know it’s expected that once Rearmed is fully released that there will be more activity, but having a strong community beforehand is just as, if not, more important than afterward because a lot of potentially valuable input could lead to significantly increasing the quality of the game at release, hooking new players on Armed with Wings who might otherwise barely play and eventually lose interest if this input was not given in the first place.

I should not have to explain the numerous advantages of a forum like this one over one such as the Steam forum, but one of the most important ones is that this forum is more “community oriented”, meaning where a page like the Steam forum is more casual in that players most often use it to throw in their two cents or report a bug and often just leave it at that, this forum is designed to be geared more towards a discussion with other players to really engage and interact with, as well as the ability for admins, moderators and even posters to have a better oversight, management, and direction of those discussions.

I myself can only do so much to bring people here. My sphere of influence only ranges as far as those I know and those who watch my videos. I’m no big time YouTuber, so I’ll only be able to attract only few fans at best, if any at all. That said, this is more of a call on D-Sun himself, as he, by far, has the most influence over fans of the series. There would be to need some major push to these forums where most of AwW’s online interactive audience has found itself (ie. Facebook, Steam forums, etc…)

The only way that I see such a replenishing taking place is if Dan launches an extremely publicized forum reboot. The first and only thing that really needs to be done to the forum itself on or shortly preceding the official reboot announcement would be to apply the re-skin of the forums. Maybe some internal cleaning but even that wouldn’t be necessary for a reboot.

Secondly, posting this announcement on every conceivable platform where AwW has a significant presence. What I mean is, for example, on the Steam forum, Facebook, Twitter, AwW Website, YouTube, Patreon, comments on each AwW game on popular platforms (such as armor games), in the game itself(VERY clearly) and wherever else AwW players and fans are likely looking. If this forum is going to have a serious reboot intended to truly rejuvenate its activity, people need to be convinced that this is a serious endeavor and not just a small attempt simply to attract just a few more members(although, it is worth pointing out that care should be taken to ensure that advertising should not be taken to the point of outright annoyance).

Lastly, the day of which such a big announcement would most ideally be made is when an update of the game goes live. Not only does this work well because players will likely have just finished playing through the game, but also gives players an additional reason for coming to the forums to post bug fixes they might find(if any) along with those players’ initial impressions and suggestions.

This forum is by far the greatest potential unifying force of the community that AwW currently possesses. The benefits of the AwW community being more unified and interactive need not be listed. I see tens of people posting, commenting and retweeting about AwW on various platforms. I know not everyone may have the time to be active on a forum like this one, but there sure are enough people despite that who, if made aware of the existence of this forum and its relevance, could lead to the start of a flourishing forum community again.
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Daniel Sun
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Re: The Importance of This Forum

by Daniel Sun Sun Dec 20, 2015 4:45 pm

We've had a discussion in this forum before I reset it back today. Sadly that conversation is lost - but is responsive for me getting off my butt and fixing this forum up.
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