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Armed with Wings: Rearmed impressions + Feedback

by Omar Tue Dec 16, 2014 9:39 am

This is my first impressions with Armed with Wings: Rearmed video posted on Youtube.
I'm only going to list two things i've seen that has improved.
So let's start with something i noticed in the beginning that really caught my attention.

Now when watching the whole video of this remastered game. I saw a massive improvement on animation. the detail to the animation is fabulous and very fluid at best. From Lone Warrior's new walking animation to Vandheer's punch and kick animations. Lone Warrior's Power Attack (Whatever you call it) feels epic and somewhat feels satisfying. I have never seen animations so fluid before for a flash based game. It feels natural and well done. I have to give you props to that Daniel.

Now moving on to other things i saw.
Level Design
This game is obviously a remake of the original "Armed with Wings" .
Old levels feel like new levels. Thanks to the highly improved and detailed background this remake offers.
i think it captures more of the world of this beloved franchise (can i even call it that?) and i think it'll give the player a sense of
progression through-out the game. However, this is a remake, there's a chance that the old levels will stay the same in terms of platforming and puzzles.
Despite being the only flaw i can find, the game's level design has a good amount of detail such as...

Those are the things i've put attention to and what i really enjoyed from the trailer.
Now after seeing the trailer various times, i think it's time to give a bit of constructive feedback to the creator.
I can't really say much of the game at the moment. But what i noted from the trailer is that there's still a lot to do still.
for instance.
With the old Armed with wings game, with it's dated animation, these enemies felt like a challenge to beat. especially in survival mode. but with the new and improved combat animations. These dated enemies no longer looks challenging, as feedback i do suggest a sprite remake and animation remake for these enemies; same goes with the two handed sword enemy.

Armed with wings has been known for it's top class combat system with each entry improving it drastically. However, Armed with Wings was never good with enemy A.I. i want this remake to have an improved A.I module instead of just walking directly to the player just to get killed A.I does not consist of how much HP it takes to kill an enemy. I think the enemy should block some attacks or be more aggressive with his attacks.(That exclamation mark should at least inform other guards to stay alert or something, I know programming A.I ain't easy, but it's worth a try.) The more difficult human enemy (the one with the two swords) has a more responsive and better A.I as it evades some attacks, but fails to attack entirely...Remember these are the people who killed the rebellion army along with their king.

Also one last thing. Culmination had dust effects each time lone warrior took a step let me post a screenshot of what i mean.

I think that's all for now. Unless you upload a new video.
So what's your first impression with this remake? Post your opinion here!
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Re: Armed with Wings: Rearmed impressions + Feedback

by Kalk Mon Dec 22, 2014 2:28 pm

I think the background detail is really something. I am hoping the gameplay will be as smooth as the others. Hopefully lots of work will go in to the story with a good amount of cut scenes and animation.
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