Friday Fried Frezy
Posted by Daniel Sun on September 11

Today I will plug in people and projects that are of interest to me... and thus should be interest to you!

Madness Project Nexus 2
Bumping my previous post - Madness deserves a proper game and this project deserves funding. Please help out, if you can or simply share this post to get the word around :)
Go back Project Nexus on KickStarter here!

Attention flash developers! You may or may not have heard of OpenFL - a haxe framework for developing games. OpenFL is basically ActionScript 3 on crack. Make games in a similar workflow to flash, but deploy to Windows, Max, Linux, Ios, Android ect.... Console support for Wiiu, Ps4 and Xbox is coming!
Now I KNOW that adobe air lets you target multiple platforms... BUT with OpenFL, lets say you target windows... It will convert your haxe code into Native c++ code! It's like a short cut to writing a full C++ game, performance is truly NATIVE.
More about OpenFL here!
Support OpenFL

Speaking of OpenFL, this here is a game developed by MotionTwin using OpenFL! This game looks absolutely AMAZING and is worthy of your attention.
Check out the DeadCells blog!

Everyone loves funny cartoons. There's a good chance you've seen/heard/know RicePirate. Excellent voice actor and animator. He has recently started a PATREON. Patreon is a platform (like kickstarter) that lets fans and followers donate a small amount monthly to help creative people keep working. If you have a spare $ why not send it his way?
Why not support cool cartoons?

Animator, Programmer, Game Creator and web developer! Lochie is a good friend of mine with much skill. Need a website built? USE HIM! I AM SO SHOULD YOU!
Lochie's creations here!

Super active board member, upcoming writer and indie game developer. He's got some interesting games in the works, I recommend you give him some attention and support :)
Check out more about his game here!
Follow omar on twitter!

Want a shout out next Friday? Let me know in the comments :) also BECOME A MEMBER, join the elitist group of forum members.
Lastly I'll plug my own project (on my own site durrr) Armed with Wings! Go over to as I have an active blog over there too!
Love you Bye.

Madness Project Nexus 2
Posted by Daniel Sun on September 07

I love Madness. From Madness Combat 1 till now. I love Madness Interactive, which is an awesome little pc standalone game back in 2003 - now day's we refer to such games as IndieGames.
I've always thought that it would be great to have a fully realized Madness Game that could make it's way from the browser to steam, then even ps3/ps4, xbox ect...

Alas, we have Madness Project Nexus 2! Basically - this is the true Madness Game. Newgrounds author/game developer Mr Swaine and Krinkels are pushing a Kickstarter Campaign to raise money for their prjoect and as of this writing, they need to raise $25,000 in 15 days... They are half way funded! So I encourage anyone who is interested to go back the game! If you don't know what madness is then please:

Watch this animation, MADNESS DEPREDATION and imagine that you're playing it. Awesome isn't it?

So go back the game on Kickstarter and make this project a reality!

Forum Recovery
Posted by Daniel Sun on September 05

I've just updated the forum, improved security and deleted over 500 spam accounts... The forums is SAFE once again!
So let us all start using it! Use it now by commenting on this very post! Guests can post in this section!

I eagerly await to interact with you all! Until then, I present you with this:


Yoga for Men and a New Studio
Posted by Daniel Sun on August 18

New Stuff!
Everybody loves new shiny things, and I have some new shiny news for you!
There’s a few exciting things coming up, all coming from the NEW STUDIO! Here are a couple of pics for you of my new Office… me and Alex being totally rad units. My body surprises me. For the amount of caffeine and fried food I consume, I'm still pretty limber. Be inspired… you know… if you’re impressed.
Now that we are all settled in our new Studio, it’s time to give you another update.

Armed with Wings News!
I’ve been working sporadically on re-skinning and improving Armed with Wings 1. This will be released within the next few months with the possibility of a collection to follow, but no promises. I want to give you the BIG ONE!
Armed with Wings work has begun. I’m busy putting together concepts and story arcs; I’m so excited, and cannot wait to share it all with you. It’s going to be a longggggggg 1.5 – 2 years working on this, but HOLY SH1T BALLS, it’s about time!!
Here’s where I ask you for a favour….

Patreon Campaign!
Coming very soon will be a Daniel Sun (Hey! That’s me!) Patreon Profile. My assistant, Ally, is working on putting this together for me, and we are hoping to have it live for you by the end of the month.
How Patreon works:
Basically, unlike Kick Starter which makes you feel like you need to contribute large amounts all at once to make a difference, Patreon allows you to become a Patron, contributing as little as just $1 a month. Easy peasy, and of course you can donate more if you like! In return for your amazing, well-appreciated contribution, you can receive things like personalized artwork, comics, portraits or prizes that me and my super-duper team will put together for you.

Have you met Possum?
She’ll be making some more appearances in the up and coming months, cos you know… she’s cool like that. .. and I think Jamie kind of likes her.

New Website!
You may or may not have noticed, this site is now a little old, and as we are ALL ABOUT NEW at the moment, the website will also be being re-vamped, shouldn’t be any down time though during the changeover, so keep commenting, keep getting involved and keep being inspired! Oh and hey, send me some of your artwork; I always love getting your art in my inbox….
Send me your artwork and I’ll feature it on my new site when it’s launched.

Until next time,


August Update
Posted by Daniel Sun on August 07

Been awhile since I've dropped a word bomb onto the internet - so here we go!
It's August 2013! Since Mario POWPOWPOW, I've been working hard on a few contract gigs. One of which was Laval Unleashed for!
Currently I'm working toward completion of another separate contract as well as various web development job here and there... Long story short, I'm keeping myself very busy.

Now Among all this money making madness, I've a couple of game projects in the pipeline. Those paying attention to my facebook page will have seen some screenshots of a new Armed with Wings 1. The truth is I'm going to revisit the previous Armed with Wings games - update graphics, fix bugs, include more content before packaging it up into a Armed with Wings Collection! Trust me it'll be cool as this is cooking to be rather delicious, you'll all love it. I'll be turning up the heat mid August with a more formal announcment.


Speaking of Armed with Wings, is live! Everyone flock there now and see! This website is my vessel - I'll be using her to blog the entire production of the 'BIG ONE'. The site also features my official artworks and illustrations as well as various pieces of fan art too!

Finally, Keyboard Command is also still a project that is coming! You may remember it from last year... The game is actually extremely fun! Fast paced twitch reaction mashed with words and guns - what could be better?


For now, that is all I have. Have fun!