Armed with Wings Rearmed on STEAM GREENLIGHT

Posted by Daniel Sun on December 19

MY goodness.... at long last… Armed with Wings has arrived at the doorstep of Steam! I am very please. VERY PLEASE INDEED! It's taken a very long time to hit this milestone, to actually get a game on Greenlight. But now it has happened and I feel great! Let us hope it will not be long before it is greenlite and available on Steam!

What is Steam Greenlight? Steam Greenlight is a voting system in which Steam users vote on games which they would like to see released on the Steam Platform. Now that Armed with Wings is on Greenlight, it needs to be voted up to the top 100 list to have a chance of being released on Steam.


Now I need your help. If you're reading this then I assume you have some interest in my games or Armed with Wings. I encourage you to check out Rearmed on Greenlight, share the page, watch the trailer... vote the game up :p

Check out Armed with Wings Rearmed on Steam Greenlight!!!

Lets all work together and get Armed with Wings on Steam!!

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Armed with Wings Rearmed trailer

Posted by Daniel Sun on December 14

The first trailer has been released! I present, Armed with Wings Rearmed!

Patrons, I'll be uploading a new build for you all to play this week!

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Art style Survey

Posted by Daniel Sun on November 27

I'm running a survey on the future of the Armed with Wings art style. I'd love to get as much input as possible.

The question is: Should Armed with Wings introduce higher levels of detail into it's models, or should they remain completely black silhouettes?

Take a look at these images - the left features fully shaded character silhouettes, and on the right is more shaded, detailed models.





Please vote and voice your opinion on your preference.
Guest users, please vote / voice your opinion - no registration is required.

Blackout, a user here on Sun-Studios has posted a lengthy thread debating the art style of Armed with Wings. Check out his post here.

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