PixelEmpire Interview and Update!

Posted by Daniel Sun on June 14

The PixelEmpire reached out to me for an exclusive interview, check out the Rearmed Q&A over at www.thepixelempire.co.uk to see some interesting insight to the developer/future of Rearmed! It's totally worth the read.


The very first Early Access update has just gone live on Steam! This update GREATLY improves the combat with inclusions of 2 Attack buttons! Get the update and give it a try. If you haven't got the game yet, now is an opportunity to get it discounted during the Steam Summer Sale for $6.79!

Lastly, here's a cool GIF :)

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Rearmed is out on Steam Early Access!

Posted by Daniel Sun on May 28

I'm sure most of you know that I've been VERY busy developing a new AwW Game, Armed with Wings Rearmed. Well guy...

15% Launch Discount! Buy it now for $6.79


At long last that dream of Steam has been reached! Rearmed is in Early Access and will continue to be updated and improved for a few months to come! I look forward to your feedback and suggestions - together we can craft the perfect AwW experience.

Be sure to check the official [url=htt[://www.armedwithwings.com/]www.armedwithwings.com[/url] where you'll find all the super interesting and insightful blog posts I do.
This game is for you guys! The most amazing fans ever! Since the creation of AwW, many of you have transitioned from childhood to young adults. Many of you hold it dear to your heart, as do I. I hope you all LOVE it!

You can either get it on Steam, or on itch.io. This is totally up to you, the game is the same price on both platforms.
Armed with Wings: Rearmed - Steam
Armed with Wings: Rearmed - itch.io

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Reamed coming to Early Access!

Posted by Daniel Sun on May 16

It's official! Armed with wings Rearmed will be available on Steam Early Access on the....

28th of May 2015!
That's less than two weeks away! Behold the glorious trailer:

I keep a regular Dev Blog on over at http://www.armedwithwings.com, go over there and read about my preparations for Early Access, development updates and more!

Forum update!
The forums has a new section for Rearmed Early Access discussion. This is for those who participate in the games Early Access to post suggestions, feedback and discussion with other players.
be sure to check it out:

Join the Early Access discussion

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