Weird email

Posted by Daniel Sun on November 18

I received a strange email today... I think it may be a translation error? What do you guys think?

Daniel Sun,
Is good to meet and forgive but because before year ending without armor wings. But I can hope to dance and kill the swordsman when refreshing edition is unchained. What hour will determine another dance? Vandheer can beginning with bright idea design. Bright future and smile.

I think he's saysing: I wish there was another Armed with Wings. Want to play the new edition. When is it coming out? I like Vandheers design, good luck in the future.

Is that right perhaps?

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Friday Freak Farm Focaccia

Posted by Daniel Sun on November 06

Get ready! It's another wacky Friday! You know what that means? No? HA!! It means I'm going to inject ya'll with some killer underground news you WONT find anywhere else!
Today I will share some of my discoveries found whilst free roaming the internet (by internet I mean Twitter). So here we go, a handful on interesting projects, people and games!

Daniel Sun's Patreon!
O-M-G - this guy has a totally awesome Patreon page! I cannot believe how amazing it is, I think everyone in the world should fund him! It's totally worth it too - he just uploaded one of his personal sketchbooks in PDF and some new music for an upcoming Armed with Wings game! Additionally, rumor has it that he will soon upload a downloadable version of Armed with Wings 3! Truely unbelievable - I can't even breath.
Check out Daniel Sun's Patreon!

The early bird that caught the worm - that was me on twitter this week. The developers of Radium had tweeted a download key for their game on Desura (game platform similar to steam). I felt obligated to give them a shout out in return for receiving their free game :)
Radium is fun little experience where you must push 'n pull a ball through a maze. The game slowly increases difficulty by introducing environment hazards such as anti gravity, inverted controls, death spikes and more. In terms of game play, the game is great! There's also a healthy amount of levels to sink your head into. However, it would be nice to see some better visuals and sounds. I think the game could do well on the market, better graphics would help push it along in my opinion.
Download Radium on Desura here

Johan Aronsson
Also discovered on Twitter, Johan is an excellent Pixel artist who's work instantly captivated me. I've since checked back on his website every few days just to absorb some inspiration. I suggest you check out his portfolio as well as his new game Dr Green which is discounted to $0.00 on (you can pay whatever you like, perhaps tip him a few $):
Download Dr. Green here!

Once again, discovered on Twitter... I'd just like to quickly mention that Twitter is an amazing discovery tool! This guy is an artist/developer who is working on this unnamed, beautiful game.
I instantly want to play this game, I don't know why - but it just speaks to me. Finish the game Penguin!
Follow @kingPenguin

In other news, I'm going to eat a focaccia for lunch which begs me to ask all you readers, what will you eat today?

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Crowd Fund This!

Posted by Daniel Sun on October 20

Dropping in for a quick updating on some CrowsFunding projects I've noticed lately. Why not check out the following?

Animal Gods

Top down action exploration for WiiU - I love my WiiU, I love my indie games, this looks interesting.

Dead Rogue

Pixely survival multiplayer sandbox - Retro makes me smile and survival is always good!

Game Loading

Indie game documentary, it's like another IndieGameMovie but more focused community and diversity. It's already funded but doesn't mean you can't check it out :)

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