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Posted by Daniel Sun on August 05

I've been MEGA busy the last couple of weeks, shifting offices. You may or may not know that for the past 3 years I've been operating Sun-Studios from my Studio in Richmond Melbourne. Our studio was a large one, a big warehouse with a tall ceiling, multiple rooms and open space. Over the years we had many small businesses and creative people renting space - painters, musicians, developers, tattooists and even florists. Truly, it was a creative space for creative people.

Let us reflect on the past few years at our Studio Richmond...

During the 3 years at the Studio, my office space moved around several times. In the beginning, I was in the office section at the front of the building, sharing the space with our first few tenants.
For the last 2 years, my office has looked something like the image above (Notice the Sun-Studios logo stenciled on the wall :D).

This is my lovely shelf! Filled with all my files, stationary, books and computer components. Notice my sketch book collection above, my personal sketch books ranging from 2006-2014. The photo clips the bottom, but there are some musical instruments and drums down there.

Here's a wider shot of the warehouse section. As you can see, lots of paintings and open space. The image is deceiving in the sense that the space is much larger than it looks. On a number of occations we hosted some art exhibitions, couple of parties, gigs...

Remember that Sun-Studios stencil I mentioned? It had to go :( As we are moving out of the studio, all the walls must be painted back to original white. I painting this whole wall, leaving the logo to last. A sad moment indeed, having to paint over this logo.

Back to the home office. It's been awhile since I've worked from home, not sure if I remember how to. Atleast I will have the company of 2 cats and 2 dogs... great. But the fuel spent on traveling everyday will be saved.

One day, I will return to a professional work space. I hope to create one in the same spirit as Studio Richmond.
Sadly, all good things must come to an end... Our time in the studio is up, and we must move back to our home office - for now...

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Rearmed in IndieGala Monday Bundle!

Posted by Daniel Sun on July 27

If you have NOT yet purchased Armed with Wings Rearmed, now is your chance to get:

Armed with Wings Rearmed with 5 additional games in the

IndieGala Monday Bundle!!

You can pay $2, or you can pay $20 – you choose!



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Vote for Super Muzzle Flash on Newgrounds

Posted by Daniel Sun on July 24

DimeStudios and myself have launched an update to our mobile game SUPER MUZZLE FLASH!


We've also launched teh game on so please go there and VOTE 5


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