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Posted by Daniel Sun on October 20

Dropping in for a quick updating on some CrowsFunding projects I've noticed lately. Why not check out the following?

Animal Gods

Top down action exploration for WiiU - I love my WiiU, I love my indie games, this looks interesting.

Dead Rogue

Pixely survival multiplayer sandbox - Retro makes me smile and survival is always good!

Game Loading

Indie game documentary, it's like another IndieGameMovie but more focused community and diversity. It's already funded but doesn't mean you can't check it out :)

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Ame Furry + AwW Music & You

Posted by Daniel Sun on October 13

Ame Furry
Back in 2012, I worked on a game called Ame Furry with Newgrounds programmer TharosTheDragon. Ame Furry is a turn-based RPG featuring an all female cast (like SkullGirls!) and online battles. I contributed my character animation skill to this project, we had another artist doing the Environments and UI while Kyle did code and design. I love the characters I created for this game and would love to use them again in a new title... we'll see what happens.

Check out Amy Furry on Newgrounds!


Armed with Wings Music
Of all my skills, music production is my least experienced. I've been playing lots of guitar for a few years now and while guitar is one thing, producing music is another. Either way I'd like to share a WIP track I've created this week. It's called Rogue - It's intended to be used in upcoming Armed with Wings games. Have a listen, please comment as I'd love some feed back. Imaging this track being used in Armed with Wings 1. Does it feel right?

What do you want on Sun-Studios
I'm wanting to add more to I want this place to be a treasure chest with lots of goodies for everyone. As a net surfer back in the 2002, I would be able to find websites with so much miscellaneous shit for download: screensavers, icons, sounds, sprites, applications... Hence why I created the Junk section! But is it enough? What would you like to see? A video sections perhaps? or a download sections? I think at least a picture gallery of my artwork is in order. Let me know :)

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Junk Update + Patreon

Posted by Daniel Sun on October 07

The new Sun-Studios website features a new Junk section. This Junk section is for showcasing various creations that are not likely to be finished, or that are just plain stupid. Today I've added even more Junk to this bin!

Flying Sheep

Flappy Bird was the craze earlier this year. I remember reading that the developer had earned around 50k in a single day purely from ad revenue! So, like many other developers, I created my own Flappy Bird. It took 2 nights to complete, working both on flash and android. Check it out! (let me know if you'd like an apk)

Retro Gunner

This is a prototype I whipped together back in 2012. Retro Gunner is like a 2nd to Heavy Gunner, but more Retro-ish. This game was born from a growing frustration with many new Pixel art games. You see, too many pixel games are just... old... they may as well have been developed in the 90's. I remember Mega Man 9 coming out a few years ago, and much to my disappointment it didn't take advantage of any new VFX. I want to see pixel games with active cameras, blur FX, bloom FX, shaders! FFS I was doing that sort of stuff in Power Star, why not translate such FX to a game?!?! With that said, we are starting to see that stuff now which is great (Legend of Dungeon, and SpriteLamp). Retro Gunner is a Pixel Shooter with some nice VFX, check it out!

I hope you guys are enjoying the Junk, please let me know if you want more stuff (I've got a few old hard drives with loootss of stuff) I'll keep rolling it in.
Remember too, features an active blog - so get detailed news about upcoming AwW games there! Why not share it with a friend?

Lastly I'd like to announce the Launch of my...
Patreon Campagin!

Patreon is a crowd funding platform, kinda like KickStarter - but ongoing month by month. Donate a small amount of money, monthly, to support your favorite creators and get rewarded!

Sun-Studios is my baby and I'd love nothing more than to spend my time building her up and up. It's a TOUGH game to keep this full time, however I'm making my best efforts these days to keep it that way. Hopefully we will never see Sun-Studios go on another year long silence.

If you can afford to donate a small amount to Sun-Studios via Patreon, you'll be helping a great deal to keep me working on Sun-Studios! That means more content, more games, more animations and more Armed with Wings! Check out the rewards I'm dishing out - Early Game Builds of Armed with Wings (Play upcoming games right now!), Sketchbook giveaways, exclusive art ect...! It's like being a VIP member.

I'd love to hear from you guys, so drop a line here on the forums, guests can comment on site news too!
Spread the word - I love you all!

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