August Update
Posted by Daniel Sun on August 07

Been awhile since I've dropped a word bomb onto the internet - so here we go!
It's August 2013! Since Mario POWPOWPOW, I've been working hard on a few contract gigs. One of which was Laval Unleashed for!
Currently I'm working toward completion of another separate contract as well as various web development job here and there... Long story short, I'm keeping myself very busy.

Now Among all this money making madness, I've a couple of game projects in the pipeline. Those paying attention to my facebook page will have seen some screenshots of a new Armed with Wings 1. The truth is I'm going to revisit the previous Armed with Wings games - update graphics, fix bugs, include more content before packaging it up into a Armed with Wings Collection! Trust me it'll be cool as this is cooking to be rather delicious, you'll all love it. I'll be turning up the heat mid August with a more formal announcment.


Speaking of Armed with Wings, is live! Everyone flock there now and see! This website is my vessel - I'll be using her to blog the entire production of the 'BIG ONE'. The site also features my official artworks and illustrations as well as various pieces of fan art too!

Finally, Keyboard Command is also still a project that is coming! You may remember it from last year... The game is actually extremely fun! Fast paced twitch reaction mashed with words and guns - what could be better?


For now, that is all I have. Have fun!

Mario POWPOWPOW fan game!
Posted by Daniel Sun on May 11

I've been working hard for the past 2 months to bring you guys a super cool Mario game mixed with some Icy Tower goodness. I guess I've been playing a little too much Wii U, which seems to have rekindled my passion for Nintendo games. I'm inspired once again to be creative as a fan boy and I must admit, it feels good. I may do another sprite movie/game this year - something to look forward to.

Check out the POWPOWPOW trailer below:

The game features 15 levels, various items/power ups, 7 attachments, 6 playable characters and online leader boards.
I'll be releasing the game on sun-studios nextweek. Stay tuned for more news.

Posted by Daniel Sun on April 19

Armed with Wings screenshot concept / wallpaper
Posted by Daniel Sun on February 18

Hey ya'll,
I released Culmination in November 2011 which is over a year ago now and it was around that time I was working at Eighth Wonder Studios developing Desert Zombie. My job was to create 2d art and that is what I did all day. One of my team mates was Sambolic Art of DeviantArt - needless to say a fantastic artist. We worked closely together on concept art for several months pumping out ungodly amounts of drawings. It was during these months that my artistic skills really benefited in an extraordinary way.
Now I find myself in 2013 and the new Armed with Wings is still in pseudo preproduction. It's going to take such a long time to develop, I can't wait to see the finished result! So, I've created this fake screen shot of how I'd like the game to look. Check it out...
This is a 1920x1080 image completely created in flash - every single element is vector art. Feel free to save this as a desktop wallpaper. Also, if you would like a copy of the FLA containing all the vector art, sound of in the comments.
At some stage I'd like to take this into photoshop and see if I can redo the effects with rasterized art.
I hope that I can make the new game look as good in not better than this screenshot. It's going to be extremely tricky however as the amount of detail I put into a single sprites far surpass that of the previous games. It's not difficult to do, but it requires much more time. I'm pretty sure however that I'll become quicker & quicker with practice.
Lastly, would this make a cool poster? Guests can comment, as always (although they should register :D)

I can't sleep
Posted by Daniel Sun on February 12

It is 5:30 in the morning and I haven’t been able to sleep at all. I suppose there is a lot on my mind. Andy Moore, a Canadian developer who I follow closely explained that writing down his thoughts onto a piece of paper and literally throwing that paper away causes a psychological effect that would help clear the mind of negativity - or something along those lines. Actually Andy mentioned that writing a blog post and publishing it had the same effect for him. I figured I might give it a shot - after all Andy, you promised this would work!

I've ran out of money for this month. Since my last major contract ended in September 2012, I haven’t been financially secure thus each month has been a difficult struggle to tackle. Unfortunately, these battles have been lost as debt slowly continues to pile up. I’m constantly delaying payments and cutting costs down - but it’s never quite enough. I have a sizeable tax bill, which I have no way of paying at the moment. I recently paid an outstanding mobile phone bill of $300. I'm receiving calls from the bank asking for loan & card repayments... It’s difficult.
What scares me is the thought that this could continue all year.

Flash games are my bread and butter. But after releasing both Mega Boulder Rampage & Samurai Autumn - I can conclude that this market is now worthless and I want nothing more to do with it. Sponsors expect such a high quality game before they even offer $1000 - for a game of such quality it would be stupid to settle for a mere sponsorship deal - you would be better of trying to sell it on steam.

I’m trying to work on Armed with Wings because I’m sick of not working on it. However it’s still in such early stages - I’m at a point now where I don’t have any games near completion, which means I won’t be seeing any cash flow until my next ad revenue payment in March. I’m scared because I can’t afford to work on Armed with Wings. Delaying it any further is not an option either - I’ve had enough of delays. Since September I’ve continually put aside Armed with Wings so I can work on shorter project that would help get me back on my feet but I can see the pattern at work and if I join the dots it paints a hopeless picture. The only way to see decent return is to make an amazing game - at that WILL be Armed with Wings and not anything else.

The only solution I can think of is financing... or funding if you will. My thinking is that I should focus on securing funding from either government or publisher. I’m considering jumping into the crowdfunding arena, or perhaps even finding an investor. I want to make a decision today and pursue one of these paths.

For now that is all. I think I’ve put down most of my thoughts. It’s now 6:42 am... time to get to work!